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askme about Acquisitions Value Creation & Merger Integration

What we do


askme Partners is a boutique consultancy
that helps its clients
realize value from their acquisitions.

We offer pre and post merger integration services to help you achieve and exceed
your value creation goals
during  Post Merger Integration.

Who we are


Based out of Amsterdam
and located throughout 


Our team is a network of
experienced practitioners
(not consultants).

Experience matters


askme Partners has set-up and managed PMI departments running complex post merger integrations, joint-ventures and alliances across the globe in Europe, the Middle East, North America & Asia.

We are experienced in large transformations, cultural integration, sales integration, 

change management, program management 

and Lean Six-Sigma.  

askme... about our "Pre" Post Merger Integration Services

PMI Readiness Quick Scan


Not happy with how your company
has performed on previous integrations?  

askme Partners offers a readiness assessment where we review and analyze your current:

  • PMI Process & ways of working 
  • PMI Governance
  • PMI Plans
  • PMI Skills
  • PMI Tools
  • PMI stakeholders

    Our focus is to help ensure you are prepared to "hit the ground running" with your next integration.  

Integration Design


Not sure how 

to integrate a potential acquisition? 

askme Partners will work with you to prepare your post merger integration framework:

  • Post merger integration playbook
  • Post merger integration strategy
  • Post merger integration governance
  • Integration Management Office set-up
  • Resource / retention plan 
  • Post merger integration plan.

Our goal is to help you run a 

successful integration and achieve your 

strategic goals and business case.  

PMI Due Diligence Services


We know that every successful integration starts with a validated PMI plan during due diligence.  

askme Partners will work with you to 

set-up, run and execute 

the validation of your PMI plan
with your in-house team 

or as a "clean-team" for: 

  • Operational Due Diligence
  • IT Due Diligence
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • HR and Culture Due Diligence 
  • Procurement Due Diligence

askme about our Post Merger Integration Services

Cultural Integration


 We know that integrating two companies means integrating two living breathing organisms.  Synergies and success are realized through people and people rely on their culture in interaction and behavior.  

askme Partners has a proven methodology on how to have cultural integration interwoven throughout all workstreams.

Sales Integration


Customers are your reason for being

  during an integration.   

Successfully managing your sales integration 

can determine if your deal achieves its value 

and growth targets.

askme Partners applies a proven fact-based, customer-focused sales integration synergy approach to  align your teams and drive growth.

Lean / Six-Sigma Value Creation


 Post Merger Integrations bring 

a lot of change and uncertainty.   

The rewards for getting things right can be significant, but the risk of getting things wrong can be detrimental to your business.  

At askme Partners, we use a Lean/ Six-Sigma approach for identifying, prioritizing, and applying successful change to help you get it right the first time and realize your business case. 

askme about PMI Training Coaching & Professionalization

PMI Training & Workshops


Are you looking to further professionalize your company's 

post merger integration skills? 

askme Partners offers post merger integration training based on blue-chip-company best-practices; combined with the practical experience of having managed multiple acquisitions and cross-border post merger integrations.   Our trainings can be adjusted to meet your company’s specific needs and include:   

  • Post merger integration fundamentals
  • PMI Change and Communications management
  • Cultural integration management
  • Integration Management Office (IMO) best practices
  • Institutionalizing a PMI process
  • How to implement and leverage PMI playbooks
  • How to implement and leverage PMI platform tools (i.e. Midaxo)

Post Merger Integration Coaching


Post merger integration is an art, not a science. 

Successful integrations require experienced post merger integration leadership to navigate the complexities of combining two companies. 

Knowing how to identify early warning signs and apply the right situational approach is a skill that comes from experience.


At askme Partners, our coaches have led and managed acquisitions, integrations, joint ventures and alliances across the globe.  

Our post merger integration coaching services range from: 

  • Individual coaching/ sparring sessions
  • Individual and team workstream coaching
  • Coaching an entire integration leadership team throughout the duration of a post-merger integration. 

PMI Professionalization


Do you want to have a 

repeatable &  institutionalized 

post merger integration process?

Are you looking for ways to streamline how you manage the end-to-end deal process from pre-deal, due diligence, through to post merger integration and divestments? 

askme Partners knows that a repeatable post merger integration process starts pre-deal and needs to be flexible and easy to deploy.

From setting your function up to getting more out of your current tools and ways of working, 

askme Partners can help you raise the bar of your team to the next level.  We offer:

  • PMI playbook development 
  • M&A / PMI platform implementation & improvement (Midaxo).

 Our goal is to help you be more successful with post merger integration.     

askme... about Our Leadership Team

Folkert Huysinga


 Folkert is an experienced business leader who leads from his heart leveraging his background in procurement, real-estate & facility management, as well as M&A and change management.

He has worked with large corporations such as IBM, Getronics and Philips coaching employees from CEO to lower management. 

Folkert knows how to assure impact and has facilitated many change programs across the world, successfully establishing trust in a team and between multicultural stakeholders. 

Karim M. Elmorsi


Karim is an experienced general manager 

with a background in mergers & acquisitions, post-merger integration, joint ventures, 

IT and supply chain management.

 He has hands-on experience in the 

acquisition and post-merger integration 

of more than 25 M&A / JV deals 

across Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. 

 Prior to starting askme Partners, Karim worked for Midaxo, Philips, Ernst & Young and Lufthansa in various senior management roles.

askme... about how we can help you

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